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Discover the world of professional lighting and film technology!

About Us

At available lights, flexibility comes first. You can rent our equipment for as long as your project requires. We are here to make your creative visions a reality. Discover our range now and start your next project with the best equipment on the market!

We offer you a comprehensive selection of high-quality equipment that will make your creative projects shine. Our range includes:

various lighting and film devices


Immerse yourself in the world of professional lighting and film technology with our wide range of equipment. Whether for ambitious film projects or sophisticated photography, we have the right equipment for you.

lighting equipment for photographers

Our selection of lighting solutions helps photographers create the perfect setting for every shoot. From softboxes to reflectors, we have everything you need for impressive photography.

camera cranes

Expand your filmmaking possibilities with our camera cranes. Ideal for breathtaking panoramic shots or dynamic moving images.

emergency generators

With our emergency power generators, we ensure that your production continues to run smoothly even during power outages.

GreenBox and BlueBox

Set no limits to your creativity with our GreenBox and BlueBox. Ideal for special effects and creative background design in post-production.

white, big textile background

Perfect for portraits, product photography or as a neutral background. Our large, white textile background is versatile and shows off your motifs to their best advantage.

Color foils for headlights

Give your recordings a special atmosphere with our color foils. Ideal for creating moods or setting accents.

Adjustable Voute

Our voute can be redesigned and painted as needed, allowing you to create the perfect backdrop for your projects.

Photo/Video screen

Whether for photo exhibitions or video presentations, our high-quality canvas presents your works in the best light.

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